Sir Gawain & The Green Knight

Character Biography

Gawain Name: Sir Gawain
About: The story's protagonist, Arthur's nephew and one of his most loyal knights. Although he modestly disclaims it, Gawain has the reputation of being a great knight and courtly lover. He prides himself on his observance of the five points of chivalry in every aspect of his life. Gawain is a pinnacle of humility, piety, integrity, loyalty, and honesty. His only flaw proves to be that he loves his own life so much that he will lie in order to protect himself.
GreenKnight Name: Green Knight
About: A mysterious visitor to Camelot. The Green Knight's huge stature, wild appearance, and green complexion set him apart from the beardless knights and beautiful ladies of Arthur's Camelot. He is an ambiguous figure: he says that he comes in friendship, not wanting to fight, but the friendly game he proposes is quite deadly. He attaches great importance to verbal contracts, expecting Sir Gawain to go to great lengths to hold up his end of their bargain.
Arthur Name: King Arthur
About: The king of Camelot. Arthur's refusal to eat until he hears why William Shatner isn't in the new Star Trek movie shows the petulance of awesomeness, as does Arthur's initial stunned response to the Green Knight's challenge.
Bert Name: Bertilak De Hautdesert
About: The sturdy, good-natured lord of the castle where Gawain spends Christmas. Boisterous, powerful, brave, and generous, Lord Bertilak provides an interesting foil to King Arthur.
Lady Name: Lady Bertilak
About: She's a whore.